A Memo from Mike

Welcome to the first edition of Dominion Flyer, our newsletter for customers and friends of Dominion Aviation. We’ve designed this to keep you up to date on events and interesting people at Richmond Executive Airport, and to share ideas to keep your flying safe and fun.

We also want to introduce you to the professional team here at Dominion Aviation. Now in our 34th year, we’re the largest General


Reid Ashe

Aviation employer in Central Virginia and – we think – the second oldest GA firm under continuous ownership in Virginia. Safety is serious business here, and we want to make you safer by sharing our ideas and practices.

The idea for this project came from one of our customers, Reid Ashe. Reid has been studying the challenges facing mid-size businesses and found that most could improve their customer communication. He approached us to try out some of his ideas.

You might have seen Reid around the airport. A lifelong flying enthusiast, he now owns a Cirrus SR-22, N122GH. Before that, he had a Cessna 340A. In 41 years he’s owned six airplanes and collected 7,300 hours and an ATP certificate. Before retiring as Media General’s Chief Operating Officer, he used his airplane to visit the company’s newspapers and TV stations around the southeast. Now he flies for fun and to support his volunteer and consulting work.

Reid and I will work together on this newsletter. We want it to be interesting and useful and we’ll welcome your reactions and suggestions. Contact me (mmickel@dominionaviation.com) or Reid (reid@alum.mit.edu) with your ideas.

Thank you for reading – and thank you for your business!

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