A Memo from Mike


Mike Cropped 2017-03-14By Mike Mickel, CEO, Dominion Aviation Services, Inc.

Welcome to the second edition of Dominion Flyer. We introduce you this month to another of our airport neighbors, one of the most sophisticated operations on the field. We meet the State Police Aviation Unit and its affable commander, Lt. Jay Cullen.

When most people think of state police aviation, they think of “bear in the air” speed traps. In fact, those are rare missions for Virginia state police. By far their most frequent mission is a medivac helicopter flight to whisk a severely injured patient to emergency care. It’s purely a Good Samaritan operation, because the state makes no charge for its flights.

Also in this edition, you’ll learn about the flight simulator we’ll soon install at Dominion. Jet and multi-engine pilots are well acquainted with simulator training. It lets you practice the direst emergencies – again and again, until recovery becomes second nature. Meanwhile you’re burning no fuel and wasting no time positioning the airplane to repeat.

With our new machine, we can simulate single-engine Cirrus and Diamond airplanes – with almost any panel and equipment configuration. Instructors can put students in challenging weather, realistically simulate equipment failures and even simulate the Cirrus parachute system.

Safety is our top priority at Dominion, and we want to share what we’ve learned with our customers. The simulator will be one more, highly effective way to extend knowledge and skills.

Thanks again for your business and thanks for reading the Dominion Flyer. As always, we’ll welcome your comments and suggestions – and if there’s anything about Dominion or the airport that you’ve been wondering about, we’ll be happy to get you an answer.

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