Dominion to Install FAA-Approved Sim


Flight simulation is coming to FCI.

Dominion Aviation has ordered a FlyThisSim model FM-100, which should be delivered in early June. The FAA considers it a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) and allows time in the sim to count for part, but not all, of the requirements for training and instrument currency.

The benefits are many, explained Bryan Smith, Dominion’s Director of Cirrus Operations:

  • It’s a better way to teach advanced flight displays, such as the G1000, than powering up an aircraft on the ground.
  • It can teach emergency procedures, including Cirrus parachute deployments, that would be too dangerous in an airplane.
  • It can simulate any weather, any day.
  • It can operate when the weather outside is unflyable or the airplane is in maintenance.
  • You can practice more approaches in less time at less cost, because the instructor can restart the procedure at any point. You won’t run the clock flying back out to repeat the approach.

Dominion is ordering software to simulate any of 22 Cirrus panel and airframe configurations and any of 7 Diamond configurations. Smith said the manufacturer has worked closely with Cirrus to assure realism.

The initial cost will be $80 per hour for the simulator plus $60 per hour for the instructor. All training will be with an instructor.

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