A Memo from Mike


Mike Cropped 2017-03-14By Mike Mickel, CEO, Dominion Aviation Services, Inc.

Welcome to July’s Dominion Flyer. This time we’re profiling one of our most engaged aviation customers, Steve Uphoff.

Here’s a guy who worked part-time at a gas station while in college, then went on to become one of the largest petroleum dealers in the country. Today his businesses include not only convenience stores, but also bowling centers, a Wisconsin resort and commercial real estate.

With operations in seven states and three countries, Steve makes good use of general aviation. He also has a lifelong love for flying and has held a pilot’s license since 1978. He’s on his second Cirrus now and he’s half owner of a Beechcraft Premier Jet. He chose Dominion Aviation to help find a partner, to acquire the jet and to manage it. Jon McCrum from our staff is his regular pilot.

You’ll also read about two new arrivals in our charter fleet, a 2016 Cirrus and a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. These are transformational changes that take us in significantly new directions. We’re especially excited about the Cirrus, because it will lower the barrier to entry for aircraft charter and stimulate more people to learn to fly and ultimately to buy airplanes.

Thanks again for your business and thanks for reading the Dominion Flyer. As always, we’ll welcome your comments and suggestions – and if there’s anything about Dominion or the airport that you’re wondering about, we’ll be happy to get you an answer.

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