Dominion’s Fleet Adds Cirrus, Chopper

Cirrus & Jet RangerDominion’s charter fleet is expanding to include a helicopter and, for the first time, a single-engine Cirrus.

The chopper is a Bell Jet Ranger III, model 206B. Set up for executive transportation, it can accommodate a pilot and four passengers. Its range with reserves is 2-1/2 hours at 120 knots. It’s well equipped, with ADS-B in and out, but limited by its certificate to VFR.

Like most aircraft in Dominion’s fleet, Dominion will manage and operate it for an owner who will also use it.

Mike Mickel, Dominion president, said he envisions work in aerial surveillance and for the real estate industry, for government agencies and for charter in places lacking nearby airports.

Dominion’s Cirrus charter, starting with a 2016 model, will operate under a new division with a separate certificate.

“I thought I’d never want to charter a single-engine airplane,” Mickel continued. “For a long time, the Baron was our entry-level charter craft. Most Baron charters are for one or two people. For that load, the Cirrus offers the same speed, more comfort and, with its airframe parachute, a comparable level of safety.

“And if you charter a Cirrus, you’ll sit up front, see the automation and realize that you could be the pilot. We think this will bring more people into aviation and ultimately bring more airplanes to Chesterfield County.”


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