A Memo from Mike

Mike Cropped 2017-03-14

By Mike Mickel, CEO, Dominion Aviation

Bill Chandler, who’s on the cover of this edition, has been my friend for 37 years. I met him when I was a 20-year-old flight instructor and Bill was moving up from a Cherokee 140 to a Bonanza.

Bill is an entrepreneur. He and his partners bought a series of paper-products plants and ran them successfully. They inspired me to launch my own venture, and that’s what led to the creation of Dominion Aviation, 35 years ago. I’m proud that Bill has been my customer and friend through that entire history.

You’ll also read in this edition about the reorganization of our maintenance department. By separating charter and general maintenance, we can assure each receives our full attention.

This is part of a restructuring of our company, to give it more institutional strength and make it less dependent on my involvement in every detail. It’s the natural maturing of an organization. Jimmy Hembree and Frank Wisnieski lead maintenance. Andy Hughes, who’s been our chief pilot for 17 years, is transitioning to the position of director of operations. Carl Gouaux, an experienced military aviator and Gulfstream pilot, will take over Andy’s role as chief pilot. We continue to rely on Bryan Smith as director of Cirrus operations and Kim Kessler as chief financial officer.

We’ve built a strong culture of safety, integrity and service. The team here is immersed in it and they’ll keep it strong – while freeing me to devote more time and energy to driving growth. This is a great team of great people, and it’s invigorating to work beside them.

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